CYOA: Deal with Brain Drain or Go Brain Dead

Growing up I used to read a LOT of the Choose Your Own Adventure  (CYOA) stories.  They’ve been coming to mind a lot lately as I contemplate a variety of adventures to be had in several spheres of my life.

Recently, I was typing up a bit of communications to powers-that-be concerning my team’s future use (if at all**) future of public cloud use earlier this evening.  I realized that much of what we used to have hands-on experience with is now largely abstracted from us.  Network switches and routers, proxies, and even mundane (usually headache producing) things like hard drives, memory, and physical disk are becoming a distant memory to most of us.

I currently work at an institution with a private-cloud-rich environment.  The team I work in has absolutely no hardware we’re responsible for.  While thinking about all the things coming at us through public cloud offerings such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, I realized that the less I deal with public cloud, the more harm I do myself.  The skill set necessary to move from physical hardware to virtual hardware was a small gap compared to what I feel the gap is between private cloud to public cloud – purely because of the abstraction.

It’s time to start building in the public cloud.

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