I miss the land

I miss the land.

I miss the smell of it.

I miss walks in the wild around sharp bends navigating around twisted trees and through thorns leading into clearings.  It does my legs good to hike up a hill and then back down another.  It does my mind even better to listen to the quiet land inhabited by birds and bugs.  When I speak, it’s to make memories while sharing with my children the wonders of creation.

I miss days when the grass is sweet and you can smell it in the valleys between hills at the end of the day.  Blades of grass were enjoyable to chew on while smelling wild onion nearby.

There’s much to glean from the land, but I know it takes hard work. Undoubtedly harder than the worst days I’ve had in my current technical job.  And it’s hard work that requires skills you can only gain through time and a good mentor or parent who has learned them before you.

I miss the land.

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